Passive House Building Science

What is a Passive House?

Passive House (PH) is a European concept and performance based building standard that focuses on dramatically reducing or eliminating the need for an active heating or cooling system to maintain a comfortable interior climate. This is achieved through efficient design that utilizes passive heating and cooling techniques, airtight construction, super insulation, super energy efficient windows and a heat recovery ventilation system (HRV) to achieve the rigorous Passive House Standard. The annual energy use cannot exceed 120 kWh(m2a). To put that into perspective, this is approximately 10% of the energy required to heat and cool any conventionally built home in Canada.

Passive House construction is not just about energy efficiency. Passive Homes boast comfortable, consistent temperatures year-round, exceptional noise control, longevity and health benefits for those with allergies and asthma, – because of the constant introduction and cycling of fresh filtered air.

The efficiencies realized by construction to this standard make a Passive House a great starting point for achieving Net Zero, Leed, the Living Building Challenge and other CO2 initiatives.

Inno-Flex System

The Inno-Flex System…

Designed specifically for VMC units in residential, multi family and commercial buildings, the Inno-Flex system has a distinctive modular design and a flexibility that reduces installation time.

The use of environmentally friendly polyethylene (PE) and the exclusive use of virgin material creates an odorless and hygienic system with no measurable pollutants.

The addition of an anti-static agent for distribution and connection facilities, as well as an anti-static inner skin in the Inno-flex pipes reduces the dust in the entire system to a minimum. Access holes to the distributors guarantee access for cleaning and system maintainance in accordance with German hygienic specification VDI 6022.

The modular design, extensibility and ease of combining components are ideal for use in filigree, raw or false ceilings or walls and stud walls and dramatically reduces costs.

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