Air Quality

What are the real benefits of energy efficient homes?

Having an energy efficient home and living a healthy and comfortable lifestyle are compatible, but they are not
dependent on the square footage of your home or on a particular heating and cooling system:

Air Quality is the Key

Every day a human needs approximately:

  • 1,000 ml/1 kg to eat
  • 2,000 ml/2 kg to drink and
  • 20,000 litres of air to breathe

90% of the air we breathe is consumed inside closed buildings which is why air quality is so very important. The less energy expended to create an equal atmospheric environment, the better your building envelope performs.

Energy losses can result from a number of factors.including air leakage due to errors in craftmanship or the wrong choice of materials for the envelope build-up.

Our goal is to create a sustainable technological building shell with the highest performance in building physics. As well as offering the complete Passive House we can also provide low energy solutions in traditional building and green remodeling.