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Baumgaertner Residence…

During the early days of this project, Clients Kristin and Otto Baumgaertner spent a great deal of time planning and envisioning their ideal home.   I endeavored to render a design that met and exceeded all of their expectations. The location overlooking the beautiful Kalamalka Lake is breathtaking but it proved to be quite a challenge to construct a timber frame hybrid on this very complex site.

 Kristin and Otto wanted to be the first in Canada to have a home built using the Agepan System - for the walls as well as the roof buildup. Our goal was to create a sustainable technological building shell with the highest performance in building physics. To attain this goal we needed to import the windows and doors from Heckel in Germany.  The huge dimension, individually designed windows with triple pane glassing imbedded in wood framework are virtually impossible to obtain in North America.

The character of this unique home is impressive from its exterior archaic strength to its interior coziness. The native ornaments in steel and unique color choices create an ambience and the geothermal components add to the high technical standard.

The timber frame component is an eye catching structural aspect of the home. The jointing of the roof to wall plate and post connections creates a very traditional, European Barn style dwelling. The finished home illustrates the passion and genuine craftsmanship that went into its construction.

I thank the Baumgaertners for this fascinating experience and wish them all the best and endless enjoyment of their safe and enduring investment.

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