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The Agepan System…

Product Description, Features and Benefits:

Agepan® System and Functional Wood® represent the world of Healthy Living.
The Agepan® System is comprised of building materials that form a vapor open wood building envelope. Agepan® Functional Wood® is a natural-based, high-tech product certified by the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). Through a special treatment process surface areas are greatly enlarged to ensure the product's prime function, which is to regulate room climate through a vapor open wall assembly.

Agepan® Functional Wood® works as a natural regulating element for room climate. If the air inside the room contains too much moisture, Agepan ® Functional Wood® absorbs it. If the air in the room is too dry, Functional Wood® releases moisture through its wood fibers. Agepan® Functional Wood® ensures that you will always feel comfortable in a healthy environment with the perfect room climate.

Agepan® System and Functional Wood® Components

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Agepan® THD T+G 230; wood fiber insulating panel advantages:

Agepan THDG

Agepan® UDP25 T&G Advantages:

Agepan® OSB; structural panel advantages:



More form stable then standard OSB; improved CNC equipment performance

Agepan® Cell; cellulose insulation advantages:

Agepan® DWD Sheathing - Advantages


Agepan® Flex; wood fiber insulation advantages:

Agepan Flex