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Inscho Project…

Passive House Apartment with Work Shop — Edson Alberta


We were proud to create this unique workshop with a passive apartment in Edson Alberta for clients Cameron and Diane Inscho.  The combination of a workshop plus a healthy living environment met all of their expectations.

The Inscho workshop/residence is one of the first prefabricated Canadian passive houses ever built and it is the first this far North

The project produced a number of diverse challenges.  We had to obtain certification of a passive house that is only part of a building as well as meet the stringent requirements of the Passive House Institute of Germany. 

Prefabrication of components was a key element as well as a strong focus on thermal bridges, structural requirements, building physics and architectural appeal. This building is a benchmark in technology and in the details, starting with the envelope.  We used the Agepan System as well as passive house certified windows and doors from Veka Profile Systems. 

Everything was delivered, raised and installed in a short timeframe of only three weeks.   The building was completed with a modular, prefabricated roof section from Inscho Builders themselves.

This was a wonderful experience with a great result thanks to the expertise and understanding of all the individuals and companies involved in this project.  As we well know, the result is only as good as the weakest part of the whole - and this whole is well done.

Many thanks to Diana and Cameron Inscho for their faith and trust. You will be able to stay warm and comfortable on even the coldest winter day with a minimum of energy consumption and a smile on your faces.  You will be an example to others who want to experience this functional building concept and at the same time own a healthy, cozy home.

Tom Gyimesi