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Sturgis North Gates…

This stunning piece of architecture is one of two gates designed and built for the first annual Sturgis North Motorcycle Rally held in Salmon Arm, British Columbia in July 2011. Local sponsors provided their time and materials to help in the construction.

Each gate has several symbolic features, some from the Middle Ages. The counter bearing at the upper end of the rod is an anchor bolt and the load bearing lock to the rear has a four leafed trefoil, or Lucky Charm. There is a bracket at the bottom of the queen post in the centre of the structure This adjustable bracket is used to draw the bow and is structurally important. it is hidden by a cross which represents Faith.

A carved rope on the inside edge of the posts represents Consistency

Underneath the roof an oversized bow appears to shoot a giant arrow - not only to represent that we are on native land but also because arrows in the past have been used to send messages.

Through these gates 5th C Building Solutions is sending the message that we can build creations that are beyond imagination, with the highest level of craftsmanship, right here in Salmon Arm.

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